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Nick Abood was born and raised in Nebraska, USA to parents of Christian-Lebanese descent. His career and life changed forever when he moved to the Golden State of California. In the midst of World War II, he met a wonderful woman named Kathryn Quinn who would go on to become his best friend and future wife.

In the late 1940’s, Nick owned and operated a café in the city of Los Angeles which kicked off his career in the food industry. He later became involved in condiment distribution. The year of 1952 became a historic year for the Abood family. During this time, a seafood company on the Santa Monica Pier was struggling to find a good tartar sauce to develop and sell. They would task Nick to work on the creation of this sauce. With the advice of a European chef, Nick and his wife Kathryn created their fresh and delicious recipe with a $10 budget. Working out of his home kitchen and garage, Nick managed to double his investment quickly and was soon commissioned to develop a cocktail sauce recipe as well. These sauces were sold to a multitude of stores across the state. To keep the fresh refrigerated displays of the seafood and produce departments stocked, Nick bought a 15,000 square foot plant. By the late 1960’s, Nickabood’s Fisherman’s Wharf ®️ was consistently producing delicious and high-quality sauces. Nick’s tartar sauce was the first to hit the market that was fresh-refrigerated rather than shelf stable. Almost every quality-oriented major food chain carried these sauces in their seafood and produce departments.

Nickabood’s continues to copack for a variety of other companies and is thrilled to private label products for food industry distributors. Nick Abood sadly passed away in 2018, leaving behind his family who, with dedication, continue to run the company to preserve the legacy that was created. Living up to its slogan, “The Ultimate in Quality Since 1952”, Nickabood’s Fisherman’s Wharf ®️ uses the same gourmet recipes that brought it success so many decades ago.

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